Making Mission Possible 2020

Our theme this year is ‘Reach Out’ which stands in sharp contrast to the prevailing words of many months such as: Lockdown, isolate, social distancing, wear a mask which have been for our protection against the virus.
Closing in on ourselves and being ‘me-centred’ however is the antithesis of our Christian calling which is rather to reach out: to God (who first reached out to us) and to others.

As members of St Mary of Bethany our stated aim is to reach out as God’s transforming people in our parish to love Jesus to serve and tell others and to be community.

In our own locality here in Woking therefore, we have continued to reach out despite the virus:
  • In our personal study of God’s word and devotions at home and in Homegroups using Zoom or other video conferencing facilities.
  • In sharing in our church worship services, now in person or online, the latter enabling anyone in the community to join with us.
  • In maintaining contact with children, youth, local schools, Woking college parents and toddlers groups etc.
  • In keeping in touch with those most isolated by phone, letter or online.
  • Younger members serving the older by doing shopping for them.
  • Socially distanced meetings when the prevailing regulations allow.

However, we are also concerned to reach out beyond our locality to the wider world to make Jesus known and to share his love where needs are great. This is where our Mission partners come in, who responded to God’s call to serve Him in many different situations:
  • In distant countries.
  • Where the culture is in religions other than Christianity.
  • With the poor, disadvantaged and migrants, including advising on hygiene and providing soap.
  • With those who are persecuted for their faith in Jesus.
  • Making use of all kinds of media to make the Gospel known.

Making Mission Possible Sunday is our special opportunity to reach out and share some of our personal resources with our Mission Partners who have stepped out in faith to serve the Lord wherever he has led.  Please study the list of our Mission Partners and their individual areas of service and consider prayerfully who you might like to support.

John Harston, GoTeam Chair, October 2020

Click the links below for further information or to give:

Please note : Some of our partners have requested that we only accept donations from SMOB Members. Hence, if you are a member, please use the members link below. to allow you to donate to all of our partners.



About our mission partners

Here at SMOB we support a number of mission partners.  They are spread across the whole world, from here in Woking to Asia, America and Africa. We support these partners regularly, by tithing 10% of our income as a church. Each year, we also give our mission partners a one-off gift as part of Making Mission Possible - this is provided through the generosity of individual church members. Our support helps fund their work promoting the gospel across the world. To find out more about our mission partners, click HERE or press the button above.  If you are not a member, or would simply like further information on any of our partners, then please do get in touch with GoTeam by email or through the Church Office - we love to hear from you!

As in previous years, there is an option on the form to give part of your donation directly to St Mary of Bethany Church to support our work. The Church's work is dependent upon the generosity of the church family and friends.  Our ministry extends well beyond the realms of our building - our paid staff run extensive out-reach activities in Woking, particularly in schools ministry. Whilst this looks a bit different at the moment, any gift is gratefully received and will go towards financing the church's work.

Get in Touch

If you have any questions about our Mission Partners, would like further information or would simply like to discuss, please do get in touch with GoTeam by email or through the Church Office.



Richard Jenkins, 15/09/2020