21st - More than just education

For some people, the church can be a bit like a Tardis: it’s much bigger on the inside than it appears to be from the outside. We know our particular church building, squeezed between York Road and Mount Hermon Road in Woking, is a bit like that. It’s almost invisible from the road but, for those who step inside, there is a whole community which comes together, worships together, supports each other and serves our wider community.

In this series for Advent we want to open some windows so everyone can see a bit more of who we are and what goes on in a church like ours.


In a study conducted in 2004, it was found that an estimated 1 in 10 children and young people suffer from a diagnosable mental disorder. This equates to 3 children and young people in every class of 30 students. With the constant testing throughout their schooling and the constant pressure to succeed at a younger and younger age, more and more children and young people are suffering from poor mental health, especially in the build up to exam periods. It has never been more vital to have a presence in schools so that we can help to highlight any issues and to work with those suffering from poor mental health. We are so blessed to be able to have a presence in Barnsbury Primary School, Woking High School, Christ’s College, Hoe Valley School and Woking College.

Through the sessions that I help run in Woking High School, I have had the opportunity to talk with young people who have been involved in abusive relationships, young people who are self-harming and young people who feel like they are not wanted at home or feel like they are a disappointment to their families. These conversations have allowed me to signpost agencies and individuals who can help them and to show that people care for and about them.

The work we do covers a wide range of topics, ranging from wellbeing to discipleship. We get to share in the students’ joy and their sadness. Please pray for us and the students as we continue to work in the schools.

Chris Brassil – Assistant Youth and Children’s Minister

Today will be the last day of term for many of the schools in the area.