19th - Musings on retirement

For some people, the church can be a bit like a Tardis: it’s much bigger on the inside than it appears to be from the outside. We know our particular church building, squeezed between York Road and Mount Hermon Road in Woking, is a bit like that. It’s almost invisible from the road but, for those who step inside, there is a whole community which comes together, worships together, supports each other and serves our wider community.

In this series for Advent we want to open some windows so everyone can see a bit more of who we are and what goes on in a church like ours.


Above: Group playing a game on the summer “cruise”

Five years ago, when I retired, I never dreamt I would be a fully “paid up” member of the CAMEO group at St Mary of Bethany (actually you don’t have to pay to be a member, it’s free to everyone). I never imagined that I would enjoy the friendship, humour, generosity of spirit and wealth of information and stories from my older friends – support for each other in difficult times, and sharing stories of our lives. We’re still learning too from some of our fascinating speakers, we didn’t know what the “Thankful Villages” were, or about the life saving work of the Surrey Air Ambulance and the wide-ranging work of the World Wide Fund for Nature, but we do now. We’re also supporting others through our “loose change” collections for water filters for the developing world and the Samaritan’s Purse Christmas shoe box collections for disadvantaged children.

But it’s not all serious stuff at Cameo, we’ve had trips to Guildford to hear gospel music, the Watercress Line to relive the golden age of steam and we’ve even done a two-day cruise around the Med this summer – but you’ll have to ask one of our members to find out how that one worked out!

And now this Advent we’ll be at St Columba’s, Maybury celebrating Christ’s birth in a traditional way with a roast turkey dinner followed by Christmas carols and readings. Why not come and join us for this event on Wednesday 12th December? You can find more information on the Cameo page of the church website here.

Sue Rogers