7th - Friends in a strange land

For some people, the church can be a bit like a Tardis: it’s much bigger on the inside than it appears to be from the outside. We know our particular church building, squeezed between York Road and Mount Hermon Road in Woking, is a bit like that. It’s almost invisible from the road but, for those who step inside, there is a whole community which comes together, worships together, supports each other and serves our wider community.

In this series for Advent we want to open some windows so everyone can see a bit more of who we are and what goes on in a church like ours.

Maria stood waiting in the school playground, all around her little knots of parents stood engrossed in conversation waiting for the bell to sound and their kids to come tumbling out.   It was colder than home, and she felt she might as well be on Mars, everything just seemed so foreign.  She made eye contact with another mum who smiled back, but quickly returned to her conversation, they’d struggled with the other’s accent before.  Maria sighed, why could the family not just go back where everything made sense and she could talk to people again, but she knew that wasn’t going to happen anytime soon. 

Maria had been top of her class in her English lessons back when she was a child, but it wasn’t the same as grammar exercises, all this getting to know new people and breaking into longstanding friendship groups!  She’d felt so tongue-tied at first, but it was starting to get a bit easier, she reflected, since she’d started to go to that conversation group at the church.  What was it called again? Talk Easy? Yes, that was it, Talk Easy.  It was a chance to meet with other people from all sorts of countries including locals and talk about different topics with a little bit of guidance.  Some topics were definitely easier than others... but it was good to be with other people in the same boat and talk to some friendly locals.  She’d found out all sort of things about the UK too, so some things did make a little more sense now.

Talk Easy meets at St Mary of Bethany Church on alternate Thursdays during term time from 1pm to 2.30pm. The next meeting is on 20th December.
For more information contact talkeasywoking@gmail.com.