PCC Membership and Minutes

This page provides details of the membership of the PCC and their published minutes.

Elections to the PCC and Deanery Synod take place annually at the APCM. As a member of the parish's church electoral role, you may propose and second people to stand using these forms: PCC, Deanery Synod.



 Lay Chair  John Keelty
 Chair Vicar  Mark Wallace
 Church Warden  Clare Mall
 Church Warden  Jim Lewis
 Treasurer (Co-Opted)  Nick Mendham
 Secretary (Co-Opted)  Rowena Vale
 Deanery Synod Representative  Freddie Crane
 Deanery Synod Representative  John Keelty
 Deanery Synod Representative  Melanie Challis
 Elected Member  David Jenkins
 Elected Member     Gill Langtree
 Elected Member  Sarah Macdonald
 Elected Member  Jonathan Ovens
 Elected Member  Cesca Tennant
 Elected Member  David Thomas
 Elected Member  Steph Roberts
 Lay Pastoral Minister (co-opted)  Lynne Holder
 Clergy Member  Ray Marks (LOM)

All members of the PCC are required to declare any conflicts of interest. The Conflict of Interest Policy can be found here.

PCC Minutes

An abridged version of the minutes of each PCC meeting, once approved are published here and on the church notice board. In general only items of personal confidentiality are removed before publication. Minutes will appear here only after the following PCC has approved them.