We are streaming our services live at 10:30 on a Sunday morning as well as meeting in person.

Live stream

Click here for our Facebook live stream:

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We will be having a virtual coffee time on zoom after the service, this can be found here.

Holy Communion

From 8am our Holy Communion service will be available here:

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Note: In light of the COVID-19 restrictions the below services are not happening.

Our usual Sunday morning worship:


1st Sunday of the month only:

Holy Communion

Service from the Book of Common Prayer (BCP). A Holy Communion service, held in the chancel end of the church, which is traditional but friendly and includes a short talk and, usually, organ-led hymns.


Morning Worship with Communion

No communion in this service on the 1st Sunday in the month.
Recognisably Anglican, and drawing on the structures and liturgy in Common Worship, this service uses the best of traditional organ-led hymnody together with appropriate and accessible contemporary worship songs, and includes a short sermon.
Coffee and tea are served after the service in the church.


Informal Worship

Includes communion on the 1st Sunday of the month, with children and youth rejoining from groups.
A fresh, contemporary worship service, with band-led sung worship, a short sermon and interactive response time. Crèche, children’s and youth groups run during the service most weeks.
Coffee and tea are served after the service in the church.


In the height of summer, usually throughout August, the 9.15am and 11.00am services are replaced by one combined service at 10.30am. At other times, particularly Christmas and Easter, service times and descriptions will vary: please check the Church Calendar for the dates in question.

Baptism of children is usually held during the 11.00am service, once a month, though we can accommodate baptisms at 9.15am services once a month too. This can be arranged through the Church Office.

A baptism in one of our 11.00am services