Homegroups are one way that the community thrives at St Mary's. It's much easier to form deeper friendships and trust within a smaller group of people than a larger one, so St Mary's has a number of small group contexts in which people can support one another, learn together, socialise, pray and make deeper friendships.

Most of the groups run weekly and there are a variety of times and days to suit most needs.

Are you already a member of a homegroup?

If you are already a member of a pastorate you can "join" the pastorate group on our website to get access to things like the calendar and rotas for that specific group.

The below homegroups are using the website you can use the links below to join your group:

To join Lara Goodman and Eileen Wallace you need to register or login


To join 5 - Mark and Kate Alexander you need to register or login

Are you not a member of a homegroup yet?

If you would like to gather additional information about a Homegroup in your area, just fill in the form below and a member of our team will be in contact!
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For more information, please contact the church office: office@stmaryofbethany.org.uk / 01483 723424.