Babies & Toddlers

If you have babies or pre-school children, there are activities available for them during the 11.00am Sunday services. A staffed crèche runs on the majority of Sundays, so that parents are free to participate in the service. 
There are special services around Christmas and Easter, plus fun days in the year, specifically catering for families with young children.


Bethany Babes
In the week, parents of babies and toddlers bring them to Bethany Babes, mums and toddlers' groups that run on three separate weekday times. 

What happens at Bethany Babes?

At each group a range of activities are provided for children from birth to school-age. Whilst the babies are content with rattles and soft toys, the older children can progress to playing with the train set, with bikes, trikes and cars, with play dough or the play kitchen, and with puzzles and books.
Part way through the session the children stop for a drink and biscuit and then there is a craft activity designed to suit all abilities and give the children something they are proud to take home. In the final part of the session we move through to a separate room, free of toys, for a song time.

Where and when does Bethany Babes meet?

There are three separate groups: Monday 2.00–3.30pm; Tuesday 10.00–11.30am; Wednesday 10.00–11.30am. They are all held at St Mary of Bethany Church, Mount Hermon Road, during term time. The times are scheduled to fit in with other commitments to older children.

Who is in charge?

Bethany Babes' train set
Bethany Babes is run by members of St Mary's. Helpers are happy to share the Christian message with anyone who wants to know more.
Tina Thomas is the Young Families Minister at St Mary of Bethany and is employed especially to work with families and young children.

What is expected of parents?

Bethany Babes is a social activity for parents as well as children. We ask that parents remain responsible for their children’s safety at all times. Parents are also asked to assist in ensuring the bikes and trikes are kept to the designated end of the room. Although there will be someone organising the craft activity, parents should be prepared to help your child/children if they wish to take part – and there are places available on the rota for organising craft for those who'd like to be more involved.

How much does it cost?

To meet running costs and to maintain the quality of our equipment we currently ask for a £1.50 contribution per family for the session.
Bethany Babes' play food

How do I enrol?

We are likely to have a small number of places available in from September 2017, priority for places is always given to those living in our Parish and immediate surrounding area. Contact Tina Thomas by email giving your address, a contact number and the age of your Child/Children.