Growing in Faith
In the Wider Area 


Here we gather together opportunities that are offered by organisations beyond the Woking area, but which are never the less of high quality and reasonably accessible.

They are categorised by the provider of the opportunity.


If you would like to advertise a new opportunity on this page, please contact the church office.

Education for Ministry (EfM)

The Education for Ministry (EfM) “Changing Lives” is a unique learning programme linking Faith and Life. It is primarily for lay people and provides a level of theological education equivalent to training for ordained ministry. The intention is that all lay people should have access to the same quality of education that has normally been the preserve of the clergy.

Ellel Ministries

Locally, Ellel Ministries are based near Farnham. Their vision is to bring Healing and Discipleship to the body of Christ. They do this by teaching on a wide range of subjects,and offering prayer ministry in order to bring people into freedom and wholeness. They have a strong focus on prayer ministry, healing and deliverance.

London Institute of Contemporary Christianity (LICC)

LICC exists to envision and equip Christians - and the leaders, churches and organisations that serve them - with the biblical framework, practical resources and models to engage biblically, relevantly and vigorously with the issues they face in today’s world.

The LICC Toolbox 1-week course comes highly recommended. It equips Christians to relate to the culture in which we live by seeing it through the lens of a Christian world view.

Diocese of Guildford

Lifelong learning in our Diocese promotes opportunities for lay Christians to develop their faith and respond further to God’s calling in their lives. Bishop Christopher has expressed the need to ‘nurture and teach all who are longing for the Bread of Life so that all may grow in discipleship and maturity by word, sacrament and pastoral care’.

Together with the training opportunities for ministry, offered by the Department of Ministerial Training, lifelong learning aims to help Christians find out what kinds of learning would help them next on the journey.

Grapevine is a monthly news bulletin that advertises many opportunities for learning and development across the Diocese.

RZIM Zacharias Trust

RZIM Zacharias Trust is based in Oxford, and has a focus on evangelism and apologetics - "Helping the believer think, and the thinker believe." The RZIM Zacharias Trust is the European Office of Ravi Zacharias International Ministries (RZIM) and was founded in 1997. It exists to reach those who have objections and questions about the Christian faith, and seeks to challenge those who shape the ideas of our culture with the credibility of the Gospel of Jesus Christ. The Trust was also founded to come alongside the Church to help reach an increasingly secular Europe by equipping Christians to share their faith with confidence and in an intelligent and articulate way.

RZIM hold many events throughout the year, which may be found on their events calendar.

Faraday Institute for Science and Religion

The Faraday Institute for Science and Religion is based in Oxford, and provides the very engaging Test of Faith materials that explore the relationship between the two, often through the lives of eminent scientists who are also committed Christians.

The Faraday Institute in partnership with Contrapositive New Media have produced materials on science and faith that are relevant and accessible for everyone, with contributions from leading scientists and theologians. Find out what we are about here, take a look at the film, and explore the other resources available.

A Rocha

A Rocha is a Christian environmental and nature conservation movement. Thier name is Portuguese for 'the rock' - since their first initiative was a field study centre in Portugal.

Their projects are frequently cross-cultural in character and share a community emphasis, with a focus on science and research, practical conservation and environmental education.

Care for the Family

Care for the Family is a national charity which aims to promote strong family life and to help those who face family difficulties. Their vision is that together we can strengthen marriages, support parents and help the bereaved - through events, resources, training and networks of befrienders. Rob Parsons is the principal speaker and author of “Care for the Family”, and has written many very accessible and practical books giving insight into how to lead a healthy family.

New Wine

New Wine are local churches working together with one vision: to see the nation changed. God is at work in the world touching hearts and transforming lives – and he’s invited us to be part of it. Come and join us and be part of a movement to see this nation changed!

New Wine run many events to support their vision and empower Christians in the local church, including

Evangelical Alliance

The Alliance is the largest body serving evangelical Christians in the UK, and has a membership including denominations, churches, organisations and individuals. In its formative years the Alliance particularly stood for the victims of religious persecution and enabled evangelicals from different denominations to work together.

The Alliance speaks on behalf of its members and represents evangelical concerns to Government, the National Assemblies, the media and key decision-makers. In resourcing its members and encouraging Christians to fully engage in their communities as responsible citizens, the Alliance strives to make evangelical truths publicly accessible.

Christian Institute

The Christian Institute exists for “the furtherance and promotion of the Christian religion in the United Kingdom” and “the advancement of education”.

"The Christian Institute is a nondenominational Christian charity committed to upholding the truths of the Bible. We are supported by individuals and churches throughout the UK. We believe that the Bible is the supreme authority for all of life and we hold to the inerrancy of Scripture. We are committed to upholding the sanctity of life from conception."

Acorn Christian Healing Foundation

Acorn believe that Jesus passionately desires every person to be transformed through experiencing his love and care. Their calling is to make this a reality through our work of listening, healing and reconciliation.

Acorn's UK regional teams are working with local community projects such as Street Pastors, GP Surgery and Hospital Chaplaincy Teams, a host of Church cafes, drop-ins and outreaches.

Acorn provide listening training which powerfully enhances and improves their ministry. They teach and train church groups in the ministry of healing. They bring reconciliation resources to churches which are experiencing breakdown of relationships so that they can recover their calling to serve their communities. As such Acorn are in the forefront of improving the quality of community life and demonstrating the love of Jesus Christ on the High Street.

CWR Waverley

CWR "Applying God's word to everyday life and relationships" are famous for their daily Bible reading notes but they offer much more! Based in Waverley Abbey House, Farnham, they offer a wide range of training courses throughout the  year covering areas  such as Bible Discovery, Pastoral Care and Counselling, Life and Discipleship, Leadership and 'Women at Waverley'. They also publish books and podcasts of great value.

Know Your Bible

"Know Your Bible encourages women to know and love God’s word and apply it to their lives. We are an evangelical non-denominational ministry offering dynamic Bible teaching to women by women through day; residential conferences and group Bible study material. In addition we also run Quiet Days and Outreach Events. Please read more about the exciting work we are involved in and take a look at a sample study from our Bible study material. Know Your Bible runs a local group in Guildford - contact Doreen Horridge on 01483 576568."

East to West

"east to west" is a community of Christians modelling and outworking hope through acts of Christ-like compassion, mercy and justice serving young people, their families and communities. They provide opportunities for Christians and Churches to fulfill this purpose.

"east to west" is inspired by the message, service and sacrifice of Jesus Christ. They believe that the message of Jesus Christ is nothing short of wholeness and restoration, and that their mission is to be a part of that holistic, restorative and redemptive process.

"east to west" attempts to live by their ethos words: integrity, selfless, community, compassionate, devoted and fun. These express the type of people they want to be in order  to bring hope to those we serve.