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This Sunday : Harvest Services
At our 9.15 Communion service and 11.00 All age services this Sunday, we shall be marking Harvest.

The services will focus on both thankfulness and the world’s needs. As usual at 11am,  the sofas in the worship area are available for those with very young children, and the crèche will be available but unstaffed. Please note that this Sunday is also a Foodbank collection Sunday for those who would like to bring items to donate go to our Notices for a list of items for this month.

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8.00am – Holy Communion
Service from The Book of Common Prayer (1st Sunday of the month only)
9.15am – Morning Worship with Communion
A blend of old and new, with a sermon
11.00am – Informal Worship 
A fresh approach to worship with crèche and children’s/youth groups with communion on the first Sunday of each month
See the What's on section for details of any upcoming special services.
We have various activities throughout the week. See the What's on section for more details.


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